Continuous Integration packages

The Mono Project hosts a public Jenkins instance, which attempts to compile distribution packages for major GNU/Linux distributions for every commit made to the public MonoDevelop git repository on GitHub.

The first step is to add the CI repository to your system, please follow the guide for your distribution on the Mono website:

After you added the CI repository, search your package manager for monodevelop-snapshot to find a number of possible packages to install.

Install the monodevelop-snapshot-XXXXXXXXX package for a specific version, or monodevelop-snapshot-latest to install whatever the latest available version is. With monodevelop-snapshot-latest, your package manager will keep updating you to the latest available version whenever it runs.

Whenever you install any snapshot package, the mono-snapshot utility will be installed alongside it. Run mono-snapshot to see which snapshot packages are available and installed:

[directhex@centossy ~]$ mono-snapshot
This script will help you to set up your environment to use a
snapshot package of Mono. To use it, run:

    . mono-snapshot APP/VER

You have the following possible combinations of APP/VER:


Calling APP without specifying VER will load the latest version

You can then configure your environment to use the desired version by calling . mono-snapshot APP/VER - for example, . mono-snapshot monodevelop/20140807112602 (or simply . mono-snapshot monodevelop). Please note the leading “.”:

Then simply launch monodevelop to start the selected build of the IDE.