Install MonoDevelop preview via FlatPak

FlatPak is a new packaging format for Linux, which allows the same applications to run in a sandboxed environment, across any modern distribution.

We are offering a preview release of MonoDevelop as a FlatPak bundle, which does not require Mono to be installed.

First, install FlatPak for your distribution - make sure you have version 0.8.0 or higher.

Then, install MonoDevelop with:

flatpak install --user --from

You can run newly installed MonoDevelop from shell using flatpak run com.xamarin.MonoDevelop

Install MonoDevelop packages on Linux (deprecated)

The first step is to install Mono on your system, please follow the guide for your distribution on the Mono website:

After you installed Mono and added the package repository, install the monodevelop package to get the main MonoDevelop application.

Install monodevelop-nunit to get the MonoDevelop NUnit addin, so you can run unit tests inside the IDE.
Install monodevelop-versioncontrol to add Git and SVN integration to the IDE.
Install monodevelop-database to add the database addin to the IDE.

Note: the separate addin packages only apply to Debian, Ubuntu, and derivates. On CentOS, Fedora, and derivates they are part of the MonoDevelop package.

openSUSE and SLES users can install using SUSE One-Click: