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Xamarin allows developing Android applications using Mono. There is an addin for MonoDevelop that allows building Mono for Android applications with MonoDevelop on Mac and Windows.

Installing and updating the addin depends on the platform. The addin currently requires MonoDevelop 2.6 beta 1, which can be downloaded from the MonoDevelop download page.


To install the addin, open the Addin Manager using the Tools->Add-in Manager menu, go to the Gallery tab, open the Mobile Development section, and select the MonoAndroid development addin. Next, press the Install button and follow the installation through.


Installing the Addin

The addin is included in this updated release of MonoDevelop 2.6 beta 1.

It can also be obtained from the beta channel in the MonoDevelop Updater.

Updating the Addin

In general, the MonoDevelop Updater appears automatically when updates are available. However, to get updates for the beta you will have to set the update level to beta. Open the updater using the Help->Check for Updates window, and set the update level combo box to “beta”. You will then be offered any available updates to the MonoDevelop beta.