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    The following articles have been written by members of the MonoDevelop community. New articles are greatly appreciated!

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    Feature List
    A list of all features supported by MonoDevelop.

    Creating A Simple Solution
    This tutorial is intended as an introduction to working with MonoDevelop.

    Introducing Visual Studio for Mac
    Visual Studio for Mac is an IDE based on MonoDevelop, which provides additional features to create projects for iOS and Android. This article is a nice overview of the IDE.

    Gtk# Development

    Using the Gtk# GUI Designer
    A short tutorial on using the Stetic GUI designer.

    Screencast: Creating a simple user interface with MonoDevelop
    This screencast shows how to use MonoDevelop and the integrated Gtk# designer to create an application with a simple user interface.

    Screencast: Creating custom widgets with MonoDevelop
    This screencast shows how to use MonoDevelop to create custom Gtk# widgets and use those widgets in an application.

    Build and Deployment

    Building packages with MonoDevelop
    This screencast shows how to use MonoDevelop to create source and binary packages for projects.

    Working with Source Code Control

    Screencast: Using Version Control in MonoDevelop
    A screencast showing how to use the integrated Version Control features in MonoDevelop.

    Web Programming

    How to create ASP.NET applications with MonoDevelop
    An overview of the features that MonoDevelop provides for developing ASP.NET applications.

    Working With Databases

    The Database Explorer
    An overview of the Database addin futures and common use.

    Extending MonoDevelop

    If you want to create new add-ins for the IDE, implement your own tools based on the platform, contribute on the development of MonoDevelop, or just know more about the project, you’ll find some useful information in the following sections:

    • Articles: A collection of articles written by the MonoDevelop community. You’ll find technical documentation, tutorials and other useful information for learning about the MonoDevelop platform.
    • TODO: A list of features we would like MD to have. If you want to contribute, just pick one of them and notify through the mailing list that your are going to work on it.