Release notes for MonoDevelop 1.0 Beta 3

MonoDevelop 1.0 Beta 3 (0.18) has been released. MonoDevelop is a GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages.

This release contains lots of bug fixes, some new features and improvements. Read below.

Installing MonoDevelop

Compiling the following order will yield the most favorable response.

  • Gtk# 2.8.0
  • Gtksourceview#-2.0 0.10
  • Mono.Addins 0.3
  • Monodoc 1.0
  • MonoDevelop 0.18 Source

It is highly recommended to use Gtk# 2.8.4, since it includes important memory use and performance improvements.

You can download MonoDevelop 1.0 Beta 3 source from here. The Mono download site contains packages for everything for many popular distros.

This release of MonoDevelop needs at least Mono 1.1.10 to run.

Installing Add-ins

Starting in this release some add-ins are distributed as separate packages. Those packages are:

  • monodevelop-boo: Boo language binding.
  • monodevelop-java: Java language binding (with IKVM).
  • monodevelop-database: database management add-in.

New Features and Improvements

This release is mainly focused on bug fixing, but there are also some new features and improvements:

Improved Dock Manager

MonoDevelop now has an improved dock manager which makes a more efficient use of the available space, and supports auto-hide of panels.

The improved dock manager

Max OSX Support

MonoDevelop can now run in Mac OSX using Imendio’s GTK+ Quartz driver (no X11 required). The following features are not yet supported:

  • The Gtk# designer.
  • Boo language binding.
  • Database management tools.

MonoDevelop running in Mac OSX

Other improvements

  • Support for moonlight runtime: projects can target the Silverlight/Moonlight runtime.
  • The property pad now shows information for solutions projects and project references.
  • Added support for specifying the C# language version to use to compile a project.
  • The new project dialog for Packaging and Translation projects now allow specifying the packages/translations to include.

Bug Fixes

Here is a list of bugs fixed in this release:

  • 319086 Can’t copy text from help view
  • 324012 changing pads layout crashes MD and leaves comp. unusable because of hard pointer grab
  • 324017 Implement intellisense for preprocessor
  • 324333 Exception when loading huge SLN file
  • 324722 MD leaks heavily
  • 324953 SVN Log not working for Solutions
  • 324986 editing commit message slow with homedir on NFS
  • 325053 Shortcuts doesn’t work in detached windows
  • 325382 Rename class crash MonoDevelop
  • 325408 ‘Stop’ button is never insensitive
  • 325446 Strange keybindings for indention
  • 325468 Overload popup
  • 325518 “make distcheck” fails
  • 327618 Crash when clicking Add Items in stetic’s toolbox (XSLT compile error)
  • 335140 MD does not exclude this class from base classes list
  • 335977 Rename refactoring does not rename instance in foreach
  • 336368 [CBinding] Don’t update the pad tree more than once at a time
  • 336598 Renaming variables by refactoring replaces matches in the replace string
  • 337259 Crash opening a solution file
  • 337658 MD intellisense does not work for `value’
  • 338268 Automatic search for new files dialog segfaults MD
  • 338382 Preprocessor intellisense is broken (displays invalid entries)
  • 338594 [PATCH] MD title does not display first 2 characters of any source file
  • 338960 “test results” view doesn’t remember it’s position
  • 339007 [PATCH] Search pattern should be auto-selected in the “Find/Replace in Files” dialog
  • 339209 App crashes when trying to list members in base class when you derive from current class
  • 339272 Menu item “Insert changelog entry” disabled if no code file is open
  • 339391 The window title of the Application Output window displays span tags
  • 339444 MonoDevelop should not include source control files into project
  • 339445 [PATCH] MonoDevelop always crash at the same place.
  • 339480 Crash in XML comment autocompletion
  • 339539 Help menu: use gtk icons instead of gnomeui icons
  • 339590 MonoDevelop crashes if you want to open the “Welcome page”
  • 340006 “Implement Interface” does not work correctly
  • 340270 Ctrl+Tab caused exception
  • 340389 Toolbar redraw problem
  • 340418 BooShell process is always launched regardless of whether the pad is opened
  • 340453 Interface refactoring doesn’t support generics
  • 340865 Implement interface does incorrect method insertions
  • 340875 Bugs while using XML comments
  • 340877 [PATCH] Closing some docks causes infinite event loop
  • 341319 Tab not working correctly
  • 341330 Problem with code completion and Generics
  • 341495 Problem with auto-generated code for overriden methods
  • 341510 MD crash in the stetic genetated code when the project is executed
  • 341643 Build action: deployment: target directory doesn’t honor subdirectories
  • 341880 Find and Whole words only
  • 341881 MonoDevelop.RegexToolkit does not use MD version schema
  • 341886 Quick Class navigator does not sort file types
  • 341901 MD and CS0618 warning results
  • 342124 Tab should indent, regardless of the position of the cursor.
  • 342142 [PATCH] Minor improvements to OpenFileInSolutionDialog
  • 342521 Toolbox does not display any widgets
  • 342522 “Add Items” in the toolbox freezes md
  • 342607 Crash when typing “override”
  • 342905 [PATCH] LineCountChanged no longer returning negative counts for removed lines
  • 342965 When running my program from monodevelop (F5) MONO_MANAGED_WATCHER is enabled
  • 343098 Mono Develop C projects generate bad calls to gcc when folders w\ spaces used.
  • 344196 Gtk# Designer doesn’t assign ScrolledWindow Policy Properties
  • 344292 MD toolbar combobox does not respect toolbal size
  • 344296 MD text editor is slow when editing large file with enabled Class Navigator
  • 344837 makefile integration confusing
  • 345233 Crash after hitting Save
  • 345423 project is not a registered protocol
  • 345774 “override” statement completion include members internal to another assembly.
  • 346295 Monodevelop missing Gtk reference
  • 346764 Toolbar drag handle looks weird
  • 346766 [PATCH] Path entry size in files tab
  • 347127 Exception is thrown if Subversion isn’t installed
  • 347438 Hang on startup if last project is gone.
  • 347590 Monovelop sometimes drops GUI references
  • 347649 Generated Autotools-based always depends on conditional dependencies
  • 347882 MD dies if pkg-config isn’t installed
  • 348107 Not able to compile a project when it references a file inside a subfolder with a space in its name
  • 348247 Bad AssemblyInfo.cs
  • 348599 Ctrl+A does not work in Commit Message entry
  • 348696 Error while completing in text editor



The following people contributed in this release:

Lluis Sanchez, Michael Hutchinson, Ankit Jain, Wade Berrier, Mike Krüger, Marcos David Marín Amador, Geoff Norton, Zach Lute, Aaron Bockover.

This is the list of all project contributors:

Aaron Bockover, Alberto Paro, Alejandro Serrano, Alexandre Gomes, Alex Graveley, Andrés G. Aragoneses, Andre Filipe de Assuncao e Brito, Antonio Ognio, Ankit Jain, Ben Maurer, Ben Motmans, Christian Hergert, Daniel Kornhauser, Daniel Morgan, David Makovský, Eric Butler, Erik Dasque, Franciso Martinez, Geoff Norton, Gustavo Giráldez, Iain McCoy, Inigo Illan, Jacob Ilsø Christensen, James Fitzsimons, Jeff Stedfast, Jérémie Laval, Jeroen Zwartepoorte, John BouAnton, John Luke, Joshua Tauberer, Jonathan Hernández Velasco, Levi Bard, Lluis Sanchez Gual, Marcos David Marín Amador, Martin Willemoes Hansen, Marek Sieradzki, Matej Urbas, Maurício de Lemos Rodrigues Collares Neto, Michael Hutchinson, Miguel de Icaza, Mike Krüger, Muthiah Annamalai, Nick Drochak, nricciar, Paco Martínez, Pawel Rozanski, Pedro Abelleira Seco, Peter Johanson, Philip Turnbull, Richard Torkar, Scott Ellington, Todd Berman, Vincent Daron, Wade Berrier, Yan-ren Tsai and Zach Lute.

This list is not complete, it is missing some contributions sent in to the list and via our bugzilla. Your work is still greatly appreciated. If your name was left off the list, it was not intentional, please send an email to the list and it will be corrected as soon as possible.


  • ca - Jonathan Hernández Velasco, Jordi Mas i Hernández
  • cs - David Makovský
  • da - Martin Willemoes Hansen, Jacob Ilsø Christensen
  • de - Gustav Schauwecker, Martin Dederer
  • es - Antonio Ognio, Alejandro Serrano, Andrés G. Aragoneses
  • fr - Vincent Daron, Nicolas Favre-Félix
  • gl - Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
  • it - Alberto Paro, Milo Casagrande
  • ja_JP - Atsushi Eno
  • pl - Marek Sieradzki
  • pt_BR - Mauricio de Lemos Rodrigues Collares Neto, Andre Filipe de Assuncao e Brito, Rafael Teixeira
  • pt - Vitor Hugo Barros
  • ru - Maxim Krentovskiy, Semyon Soldatov, Daniel Abramov
  • sl_SI - Matej Urbas
  • sv - Daniel Nylander
  • zh_CN - Yu Lindong, Funda Wang
  • zh_TW - Yan-ren Tsai


All of our wonderful testers who put up with the insane dependencies, the constant breakage and still managed to post nice bug reports.

Mike Krueger and the rest of the AlphaSierraPapa team for giving us a great codebase to start from, and continuing improvements.

All of the active MonoDevelop developers.