Release Notes for MonoDevelop

Here’s the list of bugs and other issues fixed since the beta release:

  • Opening a Solution expands the Solution tree-view like it used to in all previous versions
  • Implemented iPad Retina launch image & icon selectors in the Plist editor
  • Prevent stack overflow decoding non-generic types with ` in the name (bug #3714)
  • Don’t enable the Continue command if we aren’t paused (bug #3713 - this only happens if the app crashes or there is a bug in the runtime)
  • Prevent infinite loop in parsing generic type names (fixes bugs like #3778 and #3794)
  • Possible fix for ProjectDom race when syncing out to Xcode (the infamous “Xcode doesn’t show any header files for my xibs” bug)
  • Fixed resolving breakpoints inside anonymous delegates (bug #3544)
  • Fixed *AdjustLine* methods to not Remove and then re-Add bp’s (should fix bug #3590 which was a race condition)
  • Version control related fixes, bugs #3795, #3854, #3855.