Release Notes for MonoDevelop 2.8.8

MonoDevelop 2.8.8 has been released.


  • MonoDevelop has been optimised to improve the speed of several common operations such as opening solutions and files. The updater has been improved to handle failures more gracefully and several minor issues with multi-monitor configurations have been resolved.


  • The debugging engine contains many improvements to stability and usability. Generics are handled better and viewing the value of large strings (several megabytes in size) will no longer slow down the debugging session.


  • The syncing process has been improved to be more robust against errors and provide better developer feedback for some common issues, such as a missing [Register] attribute for types being synced to Xcode.
  • lproj syncing support has been added for easy custom localizations.


Improved progress notifications when deploying an application to device or simulator.

Improved the reliability of the handshaking to device.

The following bugs have also been fixed:

  • Opening a Solution expands the Solution tree-view like it used to in all previous versions
  • Implemented iPad Retina launch image & icon selectors in the Plist editor
  • Prevent stack overflow decoding non-generic types with ` in the name (bug #3714)
  • Don’t enable the Continue command if we aren’t paused (bug #3713 - this only happens if the app crashes or there is a bug in the runtime)
  • Prevent infinite loop in parsing generic type names (fixes bugs like #3778 and #3794)
  • Possible fix for ProjectDom race when syncing out to Xcode (the infamous “Xcode doesn’t show any header files for my xibs” bug)
  • Fixed resolving breakpoints inside anonymous delegates (bug #3544)
  • Fixed *AdjustLine* methods to not Remove and then re-Add bp’s (should fix bug #3590 which was a race condition)
  • Version control related fixes, bugs #3795, #3854, #3855.

Prior releases:

Version is the first stable release of the 2.8.8 series. Prior to this,, and were available as beta releases.