Release Notes for MonoDevelop 2.2 RC 1

MonoDevelop 2.2 RC 1 (2.1.2) has been released. MonoDevelop is a GNOME IDE primarily designed for C# and other .NET languages.

This is the third release of a series of releases that will lead to MonoDevelop 2.2. This release contains several new features and improvements, and lots of bug fixes. Read below.

New Features and Improvements

 Here is a summary of the new features. You will find a more detailed description of what’s new in the What’s new in MonoDevelop 2.2 page.

  • Debugging
    • New Soft Debugger add-in
    • Many improvements in the debugging engine
    • Support for ASP.NET and Moonlight
    • New debug options panel which allows setting several options such as
      • Disabling implicit evaluation of properties, with support for refreshing values
      • Limiting the debug scope to application assemblies only
      • Enable/disable ToString calls
      • Setting the debugger engine priority (when several debugging engines can be used to debug an app).
    • New Add Tracepoint command
  • Text Editor
    • Caret highlighting (with an animated blinking cursor)
    • Code focus
  • Version control
    • Annotate command is now asynchronous and commit messages are shown in a tooltip

Please see What’s new in MonoDevelop 2.2 for more details.

Bug Fixes

This is a list of the bugs fixed in this release:

440588 nullreferenceexception thrown when saving the solution on os x
446867 Cannot select another item in solution explorer
467134 File not shown in solution pad and switching to it causes treeview crash
497406 MD often doesn’t open ISO 8859-1 files correctly
510939 Find references should report the interface method if the method implements the interface
524337 PackageNotInstalled NRE error starting MonoDevelop
526121 pkg-config is not found, when adding installed libraries
532294 Code editor scrollbars sometimes flash erratically, ultimately leading to MonoDevelop hanging
533391 TreeView crash
533564 Intellisense DropDown and Tooltips overlap
537795 Editor performance on moving cursor by keyboard arrows
539156 Could not set property ‘Policies’ in type ‘DotNetProject’
540054 ‘Go to Declaration’ goes wrong when methods are overloaded
540512 NullReferenceException in stetic generated code
543061 Creating a web reference from a IP address generates invalid C# code
543918 Stetic breaking badly in various ways
543956 Massive GUI slowdown on Mac
544135 Focus solution & other windows when keyboard shortcut pressed
544461 Startup hang before rendering welcome page
544937 C# text editor does not ignore defines during debugging
545521 let a mouse move over a svn annotation show the svn log entry of that revision
546143 Semantic Type Highlighting does not work on attributes.
546534 Autoformatting is not applied when pasting code
546540 Show parameterlist is not working when having too much params
547092 Text editor hides mouse pointer during keyboard shortcuts
547093 Code focus misaligned with wrapped method signature
547178 Missing intellisense item XmlReader .ReadSubtree
547232 MonoDevelop window does not resize
547358 Add menu for switching configurations
547414 Gtk-Criticals in refactoring dialog
547427 Provide option to disable parameter tooltips by default
547470 Override completion for “protected internal” is wrong
547611 renaming a variable does not rename in this() invocation
547645 Intellisense in Object-Initializer does not work if Namespace is used.
547670 Can’t Resize Window
547819 Ctrl-space with single entry does not commit it
547938 class override/implement puts method in the wrong position and indentation
547939 Solution option “Startup Project” always not selectable
547946 Command for format document is in wrong category
547947 the default text when creating a new class has too many newlines
547949 Rename partial classes does not rename both classes
547985 Remove & Sort using throws exception when when no usings are necessary.
547993 composite keybinding hide more simple keybindings
548037 MonoDevelop packages not visible in packages dialog on Mac
548235 Incorrect highlighting of keywords with a hyphen
548239 Code completion offers incorrect items
548259 Texteditor allows overriding of protected internal methods
548367 Extract method adds an unwanted newline at the end
548682 Subversion plugin doesn’t work because of bad dll mapping
548711 generated event handlers names should always contain “Handle”
548734 drag & drop code does not in the correct position
548882 Make method arguments help popup optional
548941 Generated event handler doesn’t account for missing using statements
548942 copying an error from “Error List” places “MonoDevelop.Ide.Tasks.Task” into buffer
549130 “resolve” adds using st. at wrong place when namespace and classname conflict
549587 Extract method is not respecting C# ‘ref’ keyword
549703 Customised XML file extensions are no longer syntax-highlighted
549712 C binding cannot be disabled
549858 Refactoring does not change properties in lambda expressions
549864 Intellisense does not work properly with expressions
549877 Very bad whitespace removal behavior, havoc for version control
549886 Pressing Enter at the end of a line with a breakpoint moves the breakpoint down a line
549902 MD crashes when adding new gtk form
550024 “resolve using” moves cursor to the added using
550185 Intellisence for extension methods
550520 MD sometimes deadlocks in iphone debugger when breakpoint pad is visible
550547 Tip of the day is not working
550806 Project => deploy fails with null reference exception
550882 ArgumentNull Exception when removing a breakpoint
550928 Parameters tooltip shows too much documentation
550943 Search highlighting can get out of sync
551068 Semantic highlighting crashes MD.
551102 “Find References” on method does not include when used in a delegate paremeter
551327 Methods incorrectly formatted when adding a handler
551554 interface rename does not sync project file
551668 Adding a web references causes a CS0644 compiling error on generated EventHandler methods
551674 Tab key doesn’t always create correct number of spaces
552014 Find in files dialog (with Directories option) makes MD unresponsive for a long time
552140 Exception on refactor to method
552173 Good file for testing texteditor performance
552276 MonoDevelop sometimes fails to show class member list when pressing “.” key after class var name.
552328 Parameter tooltips sometimes pop up wrong info
552331 Parameter insight does not hide when ending method call.
552332 Parameter insight re-shows inside anon delegates on every newline
552403 Right clicking Open With -> List of programs to open with on a file results in an exception
552444 Code completion constantly logs “Could not write database” errors
552456 SVN - Review Status cannot sort by name
552562 Crasher in auto-save thread
552778 Redraw issues when scrolling with mouse wheel
553089 Some text editor lines are not rendered
553091 Extract format item on unfinished string pulls in code in following line
553092 Go to definition doesn’t work on extension methods
553094 Go-to-file includes directories, but errors opening them
553098 The debugger shows properties multiple times
553101 Enum completion does not use type aliases
553122 Selection has strange offset after refactoring commands
553475 “Gtk-Critical: gtk_widget_realize: assertion” when running a Gtk# app inside MD
553483 [REGRESSION] Trouble changing the startup project
553511 Parser Error when running default VB Web application template project
553521 MD’s IKVM libarary project template contains reference to gtk libs
553529 Stetic created methods are tabbed in too far on windows
553536 IL Console project completely broken on windows
553557 Refactoring preview dialog has double-spaced lines
554260 Introduce Format Item breaks work with escaped quotes
554376 Overridden members show in completion as overloads
554415 Exception in Move File To Type refactoring
554688 Accesting param name from completion list commits param type
554836 error in assembly browser while showing C# code
555504 Completion of generic types commits <t/>
555523 C# code completion gets confused by extension methods with same names as properties
555672 Crash when trying to autocomplete
555690 deployment cannot find the file <poject_name>.mdb</poject_name>
555997 “Go to Type” list is empty
556136 no linefeeds in output window
556279 “sln” files cannot be opened with MonoDevelop on Mac OS X
556395 Exception in DomReturnType.ToInvariantString
556514 Autogenerated function are not public
557146 Missing /platform:x86 when compiling on Windows 7 64bit
557566 MD destroys .csproj data it doesn’t understand
557637 Bookmarked line 1 is not selected when going to the next bookmark
558557 MonoDevelop shows NullReferenceException
558782 when opening a C# file, text editor shows a long line of chinese characters
558975 crash when showing context-menu with refactoring information
559191 Cannot have blank startup xib
559249 Types of IEnumerable extensions on arrays are wrong
559367 NRE in Mono.Debugging.Evaluation.EvaluatorVisitor.EvaluateBinaryOperatorExpression
559785 Huge event leak in text editor
559805 X selection not set, middle-click paste broken
560768 error when adding new file with ‘search for new files on startup’ option

Getting MonoDevelop

Packages for several distros and platforms, as well as source code tarballs and build instructions are available in the MonoDevelop Download page.

This release of MonoDevelop needs at least Mono 2.4 and Gtk# 2.12.8 to run.


Contributors to this Release

  • Lluis Sanchez (project management, debugger, Windows port)
  • Mike Krueger (text editor, refactoring)
  • Michael Hutchinson (IPhone add-in, Mac port, ASP.NET MVC addin, Moonlight add-in)
  • Mike Kestner (Gtk# designer)
  • Levi Bard (annotation support)
  • Carlo Kok
  • Jonathan Pobst (Windows setup)
  • Marc Christensen (QA)
  • Andrew Jorgensen (packaging)

All Contributors

Aaron Bockover, Alberto Paro, Alejandro Serrano, Alexandre Gomes, Alex Graveley, Andrés G. Aragoneses, Andre Filipe de Assuncao e Brito, Andrew Jorgensen, Antonio Ognio, Ankit Jain, Ben Maurer, Ben Motmans, Carlo Kok, Christian Hergert, Daniel Kornhauser, Daniel Morgan, David Makovský, Eric Butler, Erik Dasque, Franciso Martinez, Geoff Norton, Gustavo Giráldez, Iain McCoy, Inigo Illan, Jacob Ilsø Christensen, James Fitzsimons, Jeff Stedfast, Jérémie Laval, Jeroen Zwartepoorte, John BouAnton, John Luke, Joshua Tauberer, Jonathan Hernández Velasco, Jonathan Pobst, Levi Bard, Lluis Sanchez Gual, Luciano N. Callero, Marc Christensen, Marcos David Marín Amador, Martin Willemoes Hansen, Marek Sieradzki, Matej Urbas, Maurício de Lemos Rodrigues Collares Neto, Michael Hutchinson, Miguel de Icaza, Mike Krüger, Muthiah Annamalai, Nick Drochak, nricciar, Paco Martínez, Pawel Rozanski, Pedro Abelleira Seco, Peter Johanson, Philip Turnbull, Richard Torkar, Rolf Bjarne Kvinge, Rusty Howell, Scott Ellington, Thomas Wiest, Todd Berman, Viktoria Dudka, Vincent Daron, Vinicius Depizzol, Wade Berrier, Yan-ren Tsai and Zach Lute.

This list may not be complete, some contributors who sent patches by email or via our bugzilla may be missing. Your work is still greatly appreciated. If your name was left off the list, it was not intentional, please send an email to the MonoDevelop mailing list and it will be corrected as soon as possible.


Catalan Jonathan Hernández Velasco, Jordi Mas i Hernández
Czech David Makovský
Danish Martin Willemoes Hansen, Jacob Ilsø Christensen
German Mike Krüger, Gustav Schauwecker, Martin Dederer
Spanish Antonio Ognio, Alejandro Serrano, Andrés G. Aragoneses
French Vincent Daron, Nicolas Favre-Félix
Galician Ignacio Casal Quinteiro
Hungarian Bálint Kriván, Gergely Kiss
Indonesian Fajrin Azis
Italian Alberto Paro, Milo Casagrande
Japanese Atsushi Eno


Dutch André Offringa
Polish Marek Sieradzki
Portuguese Vitor Hugo Barros
Mauricio de Lemos Rodrigues Collares Neto, Andre Filipe de Assuncao e Brito, Rafael Teixeira
Russian Maxim Krentovskiy, Semyon Soldatov, Daniel Abramov
Slovenian Matej Urbas
Swedish Daniel Nylander
Turkish Enver Altin
Yu Lindong, Funda Wang
Yan-ren Tsai